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Connie Black candidate profile

ACW Council
Colborne Ward


Greetings to all, I hope that I may be a familiar face to those in the area, and if we have not had the opportunity to meet, I hope to get out and meet you. I am running for council in the Colborne Ward as I have a keen interest in local politics and enjoy working with and meeting new people that reside in and around our area. I have the time to commit to representing our community in a fair and objective manner as well as listening to the concerns of all the people who reside in our area.

Personal Background

I was born and raised in West Wawanosh Township, following post-secondary education I returned to this area and married my husband Paul of thirty-two years. We settled into Ashfield township where we farmed and raised our three children.

Most recently we have resettled to the Colborne township area for our "golden years". I also work part time in Goderich in the retail business.

In recent years I was given the opportunity to be a member of council for the Ashfield Ward, where I sat for two terms. In this time I was a part of the amalgamation of the three surrounding townships as well as implementing mail-in voting so that the voting process may be more accessible to all the residents of the township.

During this time I was a member of the Lucknow and District Fire Board and the Recreation Board.

Views and Objectives

As being a long time resident of this area I feel that I am well aware of the issues that surround our area, some of the things that I would like to see are:

I feel that being a long time resident of the area, I have had the chance to become aware of the issues that surround our township. I am always open to new ideas that would better serve our area and look forward to be given the opportunity to serve our great community. I believe in working with you and for you so that all sides of the issue can be heard and presented. I urge you to contact me and discuss your concerns.

Content provided to ACLA by Connie Black, 2006-10-09.