Barry Millian candidate profile

ACW Council
Colborne Ward

Personal life

All my life I have been a resident of Colborne Township. I am in my 40th year of marriage to Irene. We raised a family of one daughter, Lori and two sons, Steve and Regan and are proud grandparents of seven grandchildren.

Business Acumen

I have managed a farming business all of my adult life. For over twenty-five years I have served on several boards and committees, including seven years as a Director of a local Mutual Insurance Company. I am nearing completion of my second year as President of that company.

I have completed courses in "Corporate Governance" and "The Role of a Director". They have been of great value in business management and in enhancing my communication skills.

Community Involvement

In the church community I have been on the Official Board, Clerk of Session, Sunday School Superintendent, Boy Scout leader and a member of the choir.

I have served as chairman of fund raising committees and mentor programmes.

For eight years I sang with the Barbershop chorus, the "Seaforth Harmony Kings", who sing to entertain and to raise money for speech-impaired children.

Campaign issues

There will always be many important issues for council to consider. I will mention at this point only three of the current issues that I consider to be of great importance:

Harnessing the energy of the wind with turbines

At recent public meetings people have raised concerns about turbines affecting our health. Council should research this concern to determine the true facts before proceeding with Phase II of the Kingsbridge Project.

Water quality

Clean water is something that demands our undivided attention. All of us --- farmers, cottagers, residents and commercial businesses have the potential to pollute our water supply. Councillors have an obligation to be unbiased and fair when exercising their authority to pass bylaws and oversee plans already in place.

Plans and regulations are of little value if not monitored to insure they are being adhered to.

We live in one of the most beautiful communities on the planet, rich with lakes, streams and rivers. Let's keep it that way!

Rising operating costs of the Public Works Department

The Public Works Department is being pressured by the increasing costs of equipment, fuel and labour. We have the equipment and manpower to provide high quality service in an efficient manner. Council not only has a right but an obligation to oversee activities in this department and offer advice and assistance to the superintendent and lead hands to improve productivity and better use of expensive equipment.

If I am elected, I will work with honesty, integrity and fairness on all matters brought before council. This is our community. It belongs to all of us regardless of how we earn our living or where we live in it.

I humbly ask for your support in the November 13/06 Municipal election for Councillor of Colborne Ward.

Barry Millian