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Marilyn Miltenburg candidate profile

ACW Council
Ashfield Ward


I have nine years experience as an ACW Councillor.

I believe in working for ACW residents in a democratic and accountable process.

I believe that being honest, open-minded and listening are essential to maintaining good relationships with the residents of ACW.

My goal is to minimize conflicts between different land uses and maintain harmony between land users.

I believe in a balanced township financial budget and keeping spending under control to avoid the use of debentures.

I am accessible to all residents in my municipality and always return phone calls and messages.

Issues Facing Our Municipality

Keeping the "community life" viable and alive in an agricultural community.

We must protect and cherish all of our rich natural resources.

Agriculture is facing big economic challenges. Farmers need an honest return on their commodities and protection against unfair trade practices.

Rural health care and enticing doctors/nurse practitioners to locate in our rural area.

Small businesses and tourism need to thrive and survive in our hamlets and villages.

Maintaining and affording safe roads, bridges, culverts, water delivery, etc.

Personal strengths

I am a member of and attend St. Joseph's Catholic Church.

I am a team player, love sports and social friendship gatherings.

I have two precious daughters, aged 12 and 10, and I am married to Tony M. Miltenburg, proprietor of Ashfield Service Centre, a business that has been thriving in ACW since 1977.

Content provided to ACLA by Marilyn Miltenburg, 2006-10-07.