Roger Watt candidate profile

ACW Council
Ashfield Ward


Like you, I care about our community and its future.

My wife Sue and I have been in Ashfield for more than 25 years. We rented cottages in the area in the 1980s, and we purchased our seasonal residence at Huron Sands in 1992.

I care about the issues that arise in the Township. I have participated in meetings arranged by Council, in the workshops for the development of the 2003 Official Plan, and in the lakefront stewardship conferences and workshops.

I am a member of the Huron Sands association, in which I have held office for the last 9 years (2 as Vice President, 2 as President, and the last 5 as Secretary). I am the Ashfield Colborne Lakefront Association's communications coordinator for Huron Sands, and a member of ACLA's steering committee. I also maintain the websites for both organizations.

I have worked in information-technology management at University of Waterloo for 39 years. I retire in April and will be giving Council's work my full-time attention, living here April to November and commuting from Waterloo the rest of the time. I am within local-call reach by cellphone and email. I will be delighted to participate in any community gathering to discuss concerns.

Vision and Values


I see three key objectives for Council in the years ahead.

Sometimes, aspects of these objectives appear to be in conflict. However, I know that we all share common concerns about preserving and improving our quality of life in the Township.


Council cannot please everybody. However, I want to see Council publish and maintain a long-range spending plan that will assure all ratepayers that the benefits of its essential infrastructure services are being distributed fairly, in proportion to the burdens of taxation on their properties.

Council should be a positive influence on people's lives. For example, Council needs to help people work through the growing mass of regulations that affect their ability to improve their property, and to communicate the opportunities that exist for financial assistance.


I believe in teamwork, communication, consultation, and collaboration. I value the opportunities Council creates to engage all members of the community in the well-being of the Township, and will work hard to further these efforts.

My obligation will be to build linkages between the farm, business, and lakeshore residents, and to represent all members of the community in Council work.

I care. I get involved, and I stay involved. I'd be delighted to hear your concerns and discuss views.

Personal and professional background

Sue and I are originally from Peterborough. We have been married for 39 years, and have two daughters and two granddaughters. Sue is a part-time elementary school teacher with the Waterloo Region District School Board.

I moved to Waterloo 43 years ago to become a University of Waterloo student, and have worked at UW in information-technology management since then. I have also held team-leadership and Board positions in related organizations for the past 32 years, most recently with the national and provincial organizations that created the high-speed computer networks that connect our universities, colleges, and research institutions.

Content provided to ACLA by Roger Watt 2006-10-03, with update 2006-11-15.