Communications Coordinators meeting, 2023-05-06

09:00 Saturday May 6, 2023
location: online via Zoom

The Zoom recording of the meeting will be available online until the end of June 2023, at
Passcode: 5n8n=M=1


Invited guests:

Communications Coordinators and designated alternates:

ACW Township update

Glen McNeil, Mayor

Maitland Valley Conservation Authority

Chris Van Esbroek, Watershed Stewardship Services Co-ordinator

Phil Beard, General Manager

Patrick Huber-Kidby, Planning/Regulations Supervisor

ACLA administrative matters

Treasurer's report

Beth Ross, Mid-Huron Beach

Annual request for contributions from local associations

In the absence of any additional projects warranting ACLA funding in the immediate future, those present agreed to waive the annual request for a contribution of $10 per local-associtation member this year. However, it was suggested that the local associations should continue to collect this amount and use it for their own purposes this year.

Issues from the floor


The meeting adjourned at 10:30. Next year's meeting will be at 9am on Saturday May 18, 2024; method and location TBD.