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The role of the ACLA Communications Coordinator

The ACLA Communications Coordinator is the information channel for the property owners of the represented area, presenting their specific concerns as input to ACLA deliberations, and communicating ACLA items of interest to them.

The ACLA Communications Coordinator (and designated backup, if possible) act as the spokespersons for their lakefront area at ACLA Communications Coordinators meetings (held each year on the Saturday before the Victoria Day weekend) and in communication with the other ACLA Communications Coordinators.

A critical component of carrying out the information-channel responsibility is to maintain a mailing list of property-owner email addresses, and to promptly relay items that are sent to the ACLA Communications Coordinators mailing list that merit "for distribution to all".

Areas represented as ACLA member organizations

The lakefront areas and their corresponding ACW zoning-map numbers are listed from north to south, under the name of the road that intersects with Highway 21 (Bluewater Highway). If your area does not have ACLA representation and you would like to become involved as the Communications Coordinator for your area, please discuss it with your fellow property owners and then contact us.

Please report any inaccuracies in the tables below.

Ashfield Ward

HW 21 intersection name/area (map#) lakeshore properties name of association ACLA Communications Coordinator alternate
Amberley Road Amberley Beach (01a,01b) 132 Amberley Beach Association Bill Higgins Nigel Bellchamber
Leslie Uttley
Amberley South (01c) Cal Waddell
Zion Road Ashfield Beach north (03) 10 Pepi McTavish Darran Fischer
Ashfield Beach south (09) 9 Paul Snyder
Horizon View Road Horizon View Estates (10,16a,16b) 39 Horizon View Estates Cottagers Association Richard Strype
MacKenzie Camp Road Kintail Beach (16c) 30 Kintail Beach Cottagers' Association Morten Jakobsen John Moore
Presbyterian Camp Road
Huron Sands Road Huron Sands North (22a) 14 (none) Patricia Fry
Huron Sands (22a,22b) 49 Huron Sands Beach Association Roger Watt Jonathon Dent
Shamrock Beach Road Shamrock Beach (23a) 22 Shamrock Beach Cottagers' Association Robert Stephenson Bruce Robertson
Huron Shores Road Huron Shores (23a) 29 Huron Shores Association Brian Hart Terry Bodnar
Birch Beach Road Kingsbridge Beach (23b) 15 ?
Birch Beach (23b) 25 (none) Mike Scott
Lakeland Estates Road Lakeland Estates (29b) 19 Stephen Dunn Murray Clarke
Mid-Huron Beach Road Mid-Huron Beach (29b,29c) 42 Mid-Huron Beach Property Owners Association Beth Ross Bob Simpson
Maple-Cedar Grove Road Cedar Grove (34a) 21 Cedar Grove Beach Association Sandra Paisley
Maple Grove (34a) 24 Maple Grove Beach Association Bob Houston
Port Albert
North Street Port Albert North (34b) 14 Port Albert Citizens Association
Drury Lane/
Melbourne Street
Port Albert(36a) 40 Mary-Lynne Snedden
Russell Street
Ashfield Street Victoria Beach (36c) 13 Larry Lightfoot Rose Borths
South Street Martin's Point (40a) 9
Quaid's Bay / Green Acres Cove (40a) 22 Green Acres Cove Association Grace Patterson Bob Haas(?)

Colborne Ward

HW 21 intersection name/area (map#) ratepayer properties name of association ACLA Communications Coordinator alternate
Brindley Beach Road Brindley Beach (70a) 31 ? Jim Manktelow Paul Shantz
Linfield Beach (Culbert Road) 12 Linfield Beach Association Dan Weber
Lake Huron Resort (71) 5 + trailer park
Market Road Hunters Beach (76a) 35 Hunter's Beach Cottage Association Ellen McManus Carol Hay
Bogie's Road Bogie's Beach (76b) 45 Bogies Beach Cottagers Association Bob Howison Allen Trowe
Golf Course Road (76c) 11 Buchanan's Beach
Church Camp Road Cottage Road (77) 12 Goat Trail Cottage Association
Sunset Beach Road Sunset Beach (82a) 12 Sunset Beach Association Eric and Barbara Holmes David Grant(?)
Airport Road Lake Avenue (82b,82c) 16? ?
Menesetung Park (83a) 35 Menesetung Park Property Owners Association Charlene Blondy Dave McDonald

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