Brief to EBR on Source Water Protection


Concerning Source Water Protection

Ashfield Colborne Lakefront Association (ACLA)
Mailing Address: ACLA
Box 277, Goderich, ON
N7A 3Z2

Dawn Landry, Policy Adviser
Strategic Policy Branch

135 St. Clair Ave. West, 11th floor
Toronto, Ontario, M4V 1P5

Re: EBR Registry Number: PA04E0003 -- White Paper on Watershed-based Source Protection Planning

The Ashfield Colborne Lakefront Association (ACLA) is a loosely organized umbrella group for twenty-one beach associations along the Lake Huron shoreline from Amberley to Goderich. The Association represents approximately 600 mostly seasonal and some permanent residences along the lakeshore. Environmental issues are of primary concern to the association and its members. ACLA is in the fourth year of an extensive stream testing program in cooperation with the Maitland Valley Conservation Authority.

We welcome the initiative the government has taken to implement Source Water Protection and generally like the open and consultative nature of the planning process. We trust that all information generated by the planning process will be available to the public without having to resort to the Freedom of Information Act.

Submitted on behalf of the Ashfield Colborne Lakefront Association by:

Mike McElhone
15C-350 Doon Valley Drive
Kitchener Ont.,
N2P 2M9
Heinz Puhlmann
RR #3
Goderich, ON
N7A 3X9